I live in Colorado, where the winters are extremely cold and the summers are sweet bliss.  Except for this summer.  Bliss is not a word I have heard tossed around this summer.  It has been commented that Wyoming has moved into Colorado in the form of constant and hot gale force winds. (Sorry Wyoming!). We are dry and in the middle of a serious drought, ranchers are hay-grabbing and farmers are planning a vacation during the usual harvest season.  The rest of us are just plain whining.  A lot!

That all said, today I had friends helping me work on a project in my shop, which involved a lot of heat and real labor.  As we staggered across the finish line of the project at about 4 p.m., all I could think about was getting cool and out of my sweaty clothes.  Which leads me to the wondering question.   Have you ever wondered who invented the shower?  Whether you are a die hard bath fan, or a true blue showerer, it begs for an answer.  Seriously, who thought of drilling holes in a metal cone so the water could run over a sweaty head?

Of course, waterfalls came to mind first when I was wondering.  I would have gladly stood in a tropical waterfall this afternoon.   Surely earlier civilizations utilized this practical way to cool off and wash away sweat.  Wealthy Egyptians had servants pour buckets of water over their heads. In history there was a long period of time when bathing was considered unhealthy, which put a crimp on the shower advancement.  In the 18th century, cleanliness was coming back in vogue and men began to use showers that were powered by a hand pump.  This would give a whole new meaning to shower buddy, as it certainly would be a team effort.  In 1767 the first shower patent was granted, but water still had to be carried in and most likely carried out.  Needless to say, it would not have been a long shower, nor would it be temperature controlled.

The rest is just normal advancement of humankind.  We shower in chrome, marble and glass tile. I don’t have a shower buddy pumping water over my head, nor do I have a bucket of water being poured over me.  My shower is not fancy, definitely more on the utilitarian side.  Today I was extremely grateful for my shower and the person that thought to drill holes in a metal cone, thankful for the sweet bliss it brought!