We kicked off our county fair today with a celebratory parade down the main streets of our small rural town. Small children, grandmas, and dogs were among the spectators of this big happening. It’s required to smile when you see the fireman, driving the massive fire truck, lights all flashing, and see tiny legs swinging on the seat beside him. If you are not expecting the unexpected, you will be amazed to see a herd of longhorns coming down the street. (Click on the link below to be amazed!)

Longhorns come to town!

The parade marshal was an older gentleman that has devoted many years to the success of the fair, by serving the county fair board. He loves the purpose and mission of the fair and spends endless hours working to meet that mission.

In a small town, neighbors gather at community events-gather to see their daughter on the fair queen float, or their brother the county commissioner riding in a classic station wagon, or a son driving a herd of longhorns down the street.


This weekend also kicks off the local Hot Air Balloon Festival which includes a classic car show, both of which were represented in the parade.


When the last covered wagon has rolled by, we gather up our children, chairs and dogs, and head back to the normal and mundane.